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The Illustration Gallery is a mix between personal and professional work. This particular style off rendering is all done in Adobe Photoshop and is my most detail of my illustrative style. Some of these illustrations used a pencil line drawing as a foundation for the digital paint process while a rare few don't.

The Graphic Design gallery contains professional work ranging from different freelance clients and my current employer Logos Two Screen Printing and Embroidery. This gallery demonstrates my skill in graphic design layouts. Programs used are Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

The Logos gallery is all professional work that varies in style. It contains a combination of graphics and some illustrations. The name of the company or product is used to establish a sense of branding. All logos are designed in Adobe Illustrator which is perfect for clean vector logos. Having vector logos is ideal for scaling up without losing any resolution as it will stay crisp and clean no matter what size.

The Vector gallery is a mix of professional and personal illustrations. These images are created in one of my favorite programs I use which is Adobe Illustrator. This particular program is great for creating crisp clean graphics and illustrations and also good for creating T-Shirt designs.

The Fun House Gallery is freelance work that I've done for a company called Fun House T-Shirts. They do a lot of humorous T-Shirts, these are the ones that I've contributed. All these designs were created in Adobe Illustrator and are vector. You can check Their store out at here Fun House T-Shirts.

The pencil gallery is a mix of professional and personal work but mostly personal. These images represent my traditional hand drawing skills with with either a mechanical or color-erase pencil. Scanned into the computer with a little levels adjustment in Adobe Photoshop. A lot of of my digital paintings would use a line drawing as a foundation.

The Speed Painting gallery is mostly personal work. This particular style is all done in Adobe Photoshop and drawn directly into the software. The style is crude and sometimes monochromatic. Rough details with a hint of texture overlay to give it an extra level of characteristics.

The Fan Art gallery is a section were I take popular characters from either comics or videos games and digitally paint them in my style. Eventually one day I will create my own comic book.

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